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First Post- What's Happening in 2019

2018 was all about consistency and having a good time. I raced a bunch and had consistent results. Nothing extraordinary, however, I was content with my performances. I only had 1 miserable race which I wasn't sure I would finish, Chattanooga 70.3. I had to stop and sit the first mile of the run But I kept pushing and ran with pro triathlete, Matt Russell for about 3 miles before he took off to finish a strong race after being hit by a car in Kona the year before. I had a lot of fun racing with friends and hyping up the local scene and drinking beer after races!

Looking ahead- I'll be racing frequently in 2019. Duh! I like to race! Here is my major events:

Chattanooga 70.3 (always a must)

Steelhead 70.3 (signed up because I have family and friends in St. Joe, MI)

Traverse City 70.3 (most excited about this one)

Ironman 70.3 WC in Nice, France (looking forward to the after party)

I will also be racing as many local races as possible too. I'll be returning as an ambassador for Team Magic to help promote their races and I am looking forward to hyping up the Music City Sprint Triathlon once again! I haven't mapped out all the local races but you can expect to see me around the Greater Nashville area often!

Coaching- My first year of coaching was a blast. I have met some extraordinary individuals that have become very good friends. I will continue to coach in 2019 and am looking to build the Milestone Racing community.

Shoot me an E-mail if you're interested in a hat- $25 plus S+H

Merchandise- I had a Tri kit and other merchandise designed. The hats are ready and people are loving the design! I went back and forth with the designer to create a landscape. This is a lifestyle sport and Milestone Racing is a lifestyle brand. Sure, coaching is the foundation of the business but we are out here to reach goals and explore as we strive to reach each Milestone.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I would love to hear your questions and comments.

I will begin writing weekly coaching topics as well as updates with my personal training!

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