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The Process

You found Milestone Racing and you're looking to reach your next goal. Maybe it is to add structure to your training to become the best triathlete you can be or qualify for a World Championship. Whatever your goal is, we can work together to build a personal training plan that fits into your lifestyle. If you live in the Nashville area, let's grab coffee and meet in person. Much of the triathlon coaching is remote. I think it is important to meet face to face on a regular basis. I'll provide you with an athlete questionnaire beforehand so we can discuss the answers in person. 

After we meet and get to know each other, I will have you perform a test within the next week to evaluate your fitness. It is important to set a benchmark in your fitness so we can track your progress. Don't worry if you're not in Nashville. We can always communicate over the phone, e-mail or enjoy a cup of coffee via FaceTime! 

Athletes will be provided workouts through TrainingPeaks which will allow me to analyze and provide feedback based on the program you select. Understanding your current fitness is important to measure progress so expect a few fitness tests within the first few weeks of the program! 

Interested in becoming a coached athlete?

$175 Per Month 


Triathlon Coaching 

  • Meet and consultation

  • Identify goals strengths and weaknesses

  • Personal training plan

  • Monthly plan analysis modification

  • Monthly 30 minute consolation

  • Race strategy and nutritional guidance

  • 1 hour consultation 

  • 9 month plan scheduled around your race calendar  

  • Base Build and Taper cycles scheduled around your "A" races 

  • Scheduled FTP and pace tests to manage proper training zones

Season Plan 

What you get

The season plan is perfect for the advanced athlete that needs guidance with planning an entire season but doesn't need frequent communication with a coach. Self motivated and have the tools to measure your metrics? This is for you! 

  • Meet and consultation

  • Identify goals, strenghts, and weaknesses

  • Help build race schedule

  • Personal Training Plan

  • Weekly plan analysis and modifications

  • Weekly 30 minute touch-base

  • Race strategy and nutritional guidance

  • TrainingPeaks Premium account

  • Unlimited text and e-mail communication 

  • 1 Monthly run or swim analysis (video provided by the athlete) 

$275  Per Month 


Triathlon Coaching

  • Meet and consultation

  • Identify goals strengths and weaknesses

  • Personal training plan

  • Weekly workout analysis modification

  • weekly consultation

  • Race strategy and nutritional guidance

Mile to Marathlon
$100 Per Month
Video Analysis 

Are you looking to become a more efficient runner or swimmer? We can provide tips and feedback of your stroke and running gait to help you maximize your energy and reduce the risk of injury. 

Video Analysis is $75 per session and we ask that you provide the video. Discounts for coached athletes. 

1 on 1 Workout

Are you looking for a little more feedback or are looking to improve something specific with your run? Contact us to schedule a 1 on 1 workout. 1 on 1 workouts are $75 and will include an hour long specific training session.